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Roman Reigns: 5 booking options following his Hell in a Cell victory

Daniel Massey
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The Roman Empire will rise!

Roman Reigns retained his United States Championship in one heck of a match on Sunday night. It opened the show, and I don’t think people expected much from it, at first, but what we got was a hellacious battle, which included some pretty amazing spots and had me hyped for what seemed like the culmination of the feud.

Rusev really took it to the United Stated Champion, and when he locked in The Accolade on top of the steel stairs, with the chain right across Reigns’ mouth, I thought we’d see the former Shield member tap out. Alas, it was not to be, and the Super Samoan fought his way out and managed to get the pinfall victory.

After such an amazing match, the question is, where does Roman go from here? How does he build on the Roman Empire and get the fans behind him? I remember a time long ago, namely the 2014 Royal Rumble when the fans were wholly behind Roman and his gimmick.

In the following months, WWE shoved his character, and his unbeatable status down the fans’ throats and people swiftly changed their mind, about the man who eliminated 12 men from a single Royal Rumble match. Even The Rock couldn’t help him win the crowd.

I live in the hope that Roman Reigns can reach those heights again and rebuild his character to some degree. Can these following options help him regain his popularity and make his way back to superstardom?

Let’s find out…                                    

#5 A continued rivalry


Why let the rivalry end at Hell in a Cell?

From a feud that began in an underwhelming fashion, with a very negative crowd reaction, I feel Rusev and Reigns have really won over the audience, in the past few weeks with their rivalry. They have been putting on stellar matches and even better brawls. I also feel that the critics amongst us have been fairly harsh on it.


The bad blood has been going on since August when Rusev ruled Raw as the top champion because there was no main title. He was dominant against every foe until Roman Reigns showed up. Because of this, Roman Reigns was able to build some degree of legitimacy within his character, giving Rusev some real competition.

A 3-month rivalry is quite hard to come by nowadays, and I think WWE creative have handled it very well. I could quite easily watch these superstars fight up to the Royal Rumble if I’m quite honest, as they have been able to keep it fresh by mixing outside brawls, with skits to embarrass Rusev’s wife Lana and actual wrestling matches.

You’d have to be very critical to say it’s not been completely entertaining.

Where could they go, after Hell in a Cell, though?

Well, for me, they both walked out, so the next logical step would be a Last Man Standing match. However, you wouldn’t see this at the Survivor Series, due to the 5-on-5 match between the top men that is to take place.

So you would likely see it next month at the WWE Raw PPV Roadblock. This gives plenty of time to build up the violent match, after the Survivor Series and also gives Rusev the perfect excuse to interfere in the 5-on-5 match.

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