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Roman Reigns and his cousins: Meet his incredible family of wrestlers

Rohit Nath
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Roman Reigns comes from wrestling royalty
Roman Reigns comes from wrestling royalty

Roman Reigns is part of the prestigious Anoa’i family which is known for having a prestigious wrestling background with an immense amount of successful wrestlers. If you ask him, Roman Reigns will tell you that he has over a hundred cousins. However, we're narrowing down to the hand-picked few who are wrestlers and have established a name for themselves. 

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First, let’s take a look at the family tree of the Anoa’i family which started off with Trovale Anoa’i and High Chief Peter Maivia, both of whom are “blood brothers”. We will narrow it down and look at the former’s grandchildren, many of whom are familiar names, and some of whom are not. Here is how the entire family tree looks

Roman Reigns family tree
Roman Reigns family tree

It should be noted that while Roman Reigns does call The Rock his cousin, they aren't technically related. As mentioned, Maivia and Trovale were blood brothers. Interestingly enough, The Rock does share a legitimate family relationship with Nia Jax.

Even so, it seems that in the Samoan family culture, the word "cousin" is thrown around rather freely, so anyone who's close is likely considered family.

Let’s now go and take a look into the three-time World Champion’s cousins and family of incredible wrestlers

#1 Rosey (Matthew Anoa’i)(April 7th, 1970 – April 17th,2017)

Rosey was Roman Reigns’ own brother
Rosey was Roman Reigns’ own brother

Height: 6”4 (193 cm)


Weight: 360 lbs (160 kg)

Rosey had a 4-year stint in WWE, having the polar opposite of a run that his younger brother Roman Reigns is currently having.

He was part of 3-Minute Warning with Jamal (Umaga) and then teamed with the Hurricane for 3 years, where he had superhero gimmick, with Hurricane terming him as “Super Hero In Training(S.H.I.T). On March of 2006, Rosey was released from his contract.

He has wrestled in the independent circuit, going to Japan, Epic Championship Wrestling and many others. He sadly passed away on April 17th, 2017.

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