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WWE Rumours: Roman Reigns Expected To Win The United States Championship At WWE Clash Of Champions

The Samon will walk out with the trophy

Rusev will be defending his United States Championship against Roman Reigns at The Clash Of Champions
Roman Reigns could beat Rusev to become the US Champion at COC

Roman Reigns, for the longest time now has been at the receiving end of the WWE Universe. He has great talent and can execute the same very well and his rise in the WWE was at rocket speed and unlike many others, he bypassed the mid-card and was pushed to the top and given main event slots at two consecutive Wrestlemanias.


The backing by the WWE Universe however didn't last for long and he quickly slipped down to the upper mid card where the Samon is still bubbling but had one foot in the top card for the Universal Championship with Rollins and Owens.



Returning from his 30-day suspension Reigns's appearances in the main card matches hasn't till date won him him any commendation he once had and WWE was quick enough to realize that. Rusev, the United States Champion cost him his spot for the main event at Clash Of Champions by interfering in the match against Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship and this meant that Reigns wouldn't be competing for the Universal Championship.


Bulgarian Brute's interference surely added fuel to the feud the two.The feud which till date hasn’t gained closure since Summer Slam, where the match was called off after a backstage brawl in which Rusev was injured and couldn't compete.


Rusev has been a strong champion who has paraded the belt with respect. But lately, the United States Championship hasn't been getting the importance and the value it deserves and a title change would certainly bring back the trophy in the eyes of the WWE Universe and will give Roman Reigns a fresh direction where he can showcase his skill-set anew.


This will also help the Bulgarian Brute receive the push to the top card that many have been expecting and let new talents be showcased by giving them a chance at the United States Championship. Most likely the trophy might change hands the RAW Pay-Per-View and Roman will steadily build momentum and support and might turn heel that many have been anticipating. We have seen Roman as heel during his days in The Shield and he sure does a good job of it.


Keeping the main card mostly vacant with the exceptions of  Kevin Owens, Rollins and maybe Rusev will also help Owens, the current champion, build a strong and a solid character which can retain the championship for long and going by the policy of Stephanie and Foley will also help new talent get their due.


I think Roman will walk out with the United States Championship and with Cesaro rumoured to finally receive a huge championship opportunity very soon this might be the ultimate opening that he had been waiting for and will seal his deal in the coming few months on RAW.


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