WWE Day 1 proved Roman Reigns is the Michael Jordan of pro-wrestling

Roman Reigns has proven he's WWE's franchise player
Roman Reigns has proven he's WWE's franchise player

They say you don't know what you've lost until it's gone. WWE learned that lesson when they lost Roman Reigns at Day 1.

Roman Reigns has gone from a one-time punchline to the most magnifying star in the entire industry. There are very few people who can be considered the franchise of a company, but Reigns has proven that with WWE. Considered a laughingstock by fans at one point, they now 'acknowledge him' as the top name in the business.

At this point? Roman Reigns cannot be denied.

There are very few guys who can 'carry the banner' for a franchise. Especially in pro-wrestling. Hulk Hogan did it. Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena did it. It's rare for a single entity or identity to be the man for a corporation as big as WWE.

But Roman Reigns has proven that he is that guy. And WWE Day 1 might the best example of that. His absence changed everything. That is proof of how important Roman is. It was a great event but, without him, it didn't have the same star power.

In many ways, Roman has become the Michael Jordan of pro-wrestling. He's become bigger than the game, and his star power has outgrown who wins or loses a title. His magnetism is enough to keep people tuning in. This is the character we have always waited on, and he's delivering now.

Much like Jordan, you have to be cocky when you are this good...and Roman knows he's good. He's willing to take that big shot at clutch time. He's reached a point where he realizes how good he is, and he's running with it.

That's what makes his heel persona so fun to watch. Sometimes as a fan of a sport, you just have to bow to greatness. That's what we are witnessing right now. It's the renaissance of a performer who's in the best stage of his career.

They say everyone wants to be like Mike. Right now, the only performer in the world who should lace up a pair of Jordans is Roman Reigns.

And do you know why? Because he got game.

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