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Roman Reigns is the champion: So What?

Well WWE Universe, it has happened. Much to the dismay of many WWE fans, Wrestlemania brought about a new World Heavyweight champion.

He’s too cheesy to be a champion

Roman Reigns Is The Champion: So What?

Well WWE Universe, it has happened. Much to the dismay of many WWE fans, Wrestlemania brought about a new World Heavyweight champion. After a long and drawn out storyline, which included briefly winning and quickly losing the championship, Roman Reigns was finally able to capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Triple H. It seems all is well for Reigns. However, it appears that his character is in a stalemate of sorts, at least with the people.

As soon as Roman Reigns won the championship, the WWE Universe exploded in deafening boos, which have followed him to each Raw and SmackDown taping thereafter, and to the most recent pay-per-view Payback. The WWE Universe is not excited about Roman Reigns becoming the champion, which is odd seeing as how they were starting to get behind him once he moved into this intense character that battled Triple H.

The below video shows how loudly Roman was booed the Raw following Wrestlemania.

With the fans not getting behind the idea of Reigns as the WWE champion, you have to wonder what is next for Roman. It seemed that WWE was trying to push Reigns onto fans, making him a leader on the roster in recent months. Yet, the WWE Universe was not accepting this forced baby face with open arms.

While he was a member of the Shield, Reigns maintained popularity with the majority of the WWE Universe, using his powerful movements to conjure positive responses.  Being a single’s competitor, though, has warranted many haters.

One of Roman’s famous lines as of late have been, “I’m not a bad guy. I’m not a good guy. I’m just the guy.” Yes, he is the guy now that he holds the WWE Championship. However, he is still not the guy in the eyes of the fans. Another famous WWE superstar was booed in much the same way. In fact, he happens to be related to Reigns. Coincidence? No, probably not.

Of course, I am talking about The Rock. Back in the 90’s, The Rock wasn’t the people’s champion. He wasn’t a fan favorite; much like Roman Reigns isn’t now. The WWE Universe can be brutal, especially when they dislike you. Some fans even went as far as writing “Die Rocky Die” on a sign that they brought to one of the tapings.

Even Rock was not immune to people’s scorn

Thank goodness the fans haven’t gone to this extreme with Reigns, yet. Maybe, though, the fans will come around with Roman as they did with his cousin, The Rock. Sure, he might not be able to match his skills on the microphone. Hell, who can? But he is one hell of a wrestler. Perhaps WWE can focus on making Reigns character into a heel as they did with The Rock. Since the crowd was already booing him, they gave them a reason to. Might as well play on the people’s reactions anyway, right?

Is there a way for WWE to get the WWE Universe to rally behind Reigns in the future? The possibility of turning Reigns into a heel is the more dominant way of utilizing the hating going on. The booing could even spark something in Roman himself to perform in a different way. The punches and wrestling in general has become more intense in recent days. Could this be due to a higher weight on his shoulders to please the fans, or could he just be trying to get them to cheer him instead of mock and boo him constantly?

Perhaps the creative minds of WWE are trying to harness that viciousness of a character with the recent feud with AJ Styles. With support from his family, the Usos, they have made a strong force to be battled. AJ Styles might be a ploy from the people behind the scenes in WWE to drive the Roman Reigns character to a further and similar place like The Rock.

Who knows? Reigns could be a Rock in the making. He certainly has it in his blood. Samoan pride won’t allow him to quit. Let’s hope the WWE Universe gets on board with him soon. Haven’t they learned anything from immature booing? I mean, didn’t we hate The New Day not too long ago? 

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