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Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman: WWE Payback 2017 winner, video highlights and analysis

Will the 'Big Dog' or the 'Moster Among Men' prevail?

News 01 May 2017, 08:23 IST
Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman

The main event saw Roman Reigns aiming to get his revenge on the ‘Monster Among Men’ for his brutal attack, which saw him being tipped over while he was in an ambulance.

Strowman entered the arena with mixed reactions from the crowd but Reigns, on the other hand, received boos from the entire arena. Reigns was bandaged from the waist up to his left arm and seemed unable to use it.

Reigns went straight in with the right hands but was quickly countered. However, the ‘Big Dog’ threw the big man out of the ring and the fight was taken outside. Roman seemed in control until he got too cocky as Strowman choke slammed him onto the table.

The ‘Monster Among Men’ threw Reigns back into the ring and delivered yet another chokeslam. Strowman continued to dominate, throwing Reigns into a steel post and the steel steps (twice). 

Roman Reigns seemed out for the count as he was thrown back into the ring. Strowman continued his demolition of the ‘Big Dog’. Strowman began going for his ribs with a massive ‘bear hug’ and Reigns was gasping for air.

However, Reigns managed to counter and got back to his feet only to be thrown into the turnbuckle twice and dodge a charging Braun Strowman twice. Reigns went for the ‘Superman punch’ but was countered, however, he managed to get a ‘Samoan Drop’ on the big man and went in for the three count, only to fail.

Both men were thrown out of the ring and Braun Strowman attempted to throw him back in, only to receive a ‘Drive by’ to the face.

Roman then attempted to end him with a ‘Spear’, but Strowman countered only for Reigns to put in a reversal of his own. Roman then threw him into the steel post twice. Roman quickly got back into the ring and Strowman was nearly counted out but entered the ring at nine.

The ‘Big Dog’ then delivered a successful ‘Spear’ to the ‘Monster Among Men’. Reigns was going for the second ‘Spear’ but received a boot to the face. Reigns, however, quickly got back to his feet and delivered two superman punches.

However, Braun Strowman prevailed and delivered two painful ‘Running power slams’ to put the ‘Big Dog’ away.

The beating didn't end though, as Strowman returned to the ring to decimate Reigns with the steel steps. Fans chanted ‘Thank You Strowman’ as Strowman then left the ring as Reigns was left bleeding and injured.

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