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Ron Garvin on if Pat Patterson trained him, wrestling Andre The Giant

"Rugged" Ron Garvin
"Rugged" Ron Garvin
Lee Walker
Modified 17 Nov 2020, 01:42 IST

"Rugged" Ron Garvin is known for his time in Jim Crockett Promotions and the World Wrestling Federation during the '80s and early '90s. Garvin started his career in 1962, using his real name Roger Barnes.

In a recent exclusive interview with Sportskeeda, Ron Garvin revealed if the internet has it right that Pat Patterson trained him. He also discussed what it was like feuding with Andre The Giant.Β 

Ron Garvin on if Pat Patterson trained him

"I'm glad you asked me that. It never happened! I was reading this story, and it's such b.s. He was gone when I broke in; he's three years older than me. He lives six blocks away, but he was already gone. It was Pat Gerard, not Pat Patterson. You can't believe a word on the internet these days.
"Pat Gerard was a big star in England. He was a coach where I learned to wrestle. He was a real wrestler. I didn't see Pat Patterson until I was seven-eight years into the business.
"Pat Patterson was on the west coast. He was in Boston, and when I got to Boston, he was gone and went to the west coast. I never went to the west coast except for one time. I was there for two-three days."

Ron Garvin on feuding with Andre The Giant

"I beat him in Knoxville, Tennessee in a handicap match. He had a partner! This is a fact, 1978, I believe in Knoxville, Tennessee. It was booked as a handicap match. It was two of them.
"We sold out the Coliseum. I had the name 'One Man Gang' Ron Garvin. I broke Roy Lee Welch's hand. He came back in a cast and challenged me. He was going to have a big name face me, but they tricked me. They knew Andre The Giant was coming in. So, I said I'll wrestle anybody. I don't back down from nobody. So, they made me sign a contract. It was blank on one side, and when I signed it, then they told me I was wrestling Andre The Giant.
"I said, let me change this. I'll accept the deal if you book this as a handicap match. You [Roy Lee Welch] and Andre against me! That's what we did. There was a reason for it. The reason was he challenged me like I planned because it was Andre The Giant. I told [Welch], you might as well throw in another guy, a jaborni like you as his partner, and I'll accept the deal. Then I beat them!"
Published 17 Nov 2020, 01:42 IST
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