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WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Winner, video highlights and reactions

An epic Royal Rumble turned out to be the most star studded in WWE history

The Viper is going to WrestleMania

Big Cass was Number One. He and Enzo cut a long promo, and Jericho was number two. Jericho slapped Cass to start with, but Cass started dominating him. 

Kalisto was number 3. Mojo Rawley was number 4. He came in with the hyped energy he is known for and began attacking everyone. 

Jack Gallagher was number 5. He came in with his umbrella “William the 3rd” and started attacking everyone with it until Jericho attacked him. Gallagher got some measure of revenge when he low blew Jericho with his umbrella.

Mark Henry was number 6.  He came in and he started dominating and threw Jack Gallagher through the middle ropes. After Gallagher tried to attack Henry with the umbrella, he got eliminated.

Braun Strowman entered at Number 7. He eliminated Mojo Rawley and Big Cass. He then threw Kalisto outside. He went face to face with Mark Henry. Jericho was outside the ring. Strowman eliminated Mark Henry.

Sami Zayn came in at number 8 and had to deal with Strowman off the bat. After a dominant showing against Zayn, Big Show entered at number 9. They had a big face off. After a series of exchanges, Big Show chokeslammed Strowman. However, it wasn’t enough as Strowman eliminated Big Show.

Number 10 was what everyone hoped for. Tye Dillinger made his debut a the Royal Rumble. He had a good showing but was not eliminated thanks to help from Sami Zayn. James Ellsworth entered at number 11 next to Carmella. He refused to enter the ring. 

Number 12 was Dean Ambrose. He fooled Ellsworth into teaming up and Ellsworth went in and got thrown out by Strowman. Ambrose entered and Dillinger, Sami and Dean  Ambrose triple teamed up against Strowman.  

Number 13 was Baron Corbin.  They all teamed up against Strowman, who threw out Dillinger. Zayn Helluva kicked Strowman, and Corbin eliminated the Monster Among Men. Number 14 was Kofi Kingston. Number 15 was The Miz. The Miz started the Daniel Bryan taunts right off the bat but was met with a deep six from Baron Corbin. 

Number 16 was Sheamus. Number 17 was Big E. Number 18 was Rusev. Number 19 was Cesaro. He went on swinging almost everyone in the ring. Number 20 was Xavier Woods. The Eater Of Worlds Bray Wyatt entered at Number 21. Apollo Crews entered at Number 22. Randy Orton entered at Number 23.

Dolph Ziggler entered at Number 24. Luke Harper at Number 25. Apollo Crews got eliminated by Luke Harper. Brock Lesnar entered at Number 26 and eliminated Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler. Enzo Amore entered at Number 27. He got clotheslined and eliminated off the bat by Lesnar. Goldberg entered at Number 28. A confrontation between Goldberg and Lesnar led to Goldberg spearing Lesnar and then eliminating him.

Undertaker entered at Number 29 and eliminated Goldberg. Roman Reigns entered at Number 30. Roman eliminated Undertaker. Roman then eliminated Chris Jericho. Roman Reigns eliminated Bray Wyatt. Randy Orton then eliminated Roman Reigns to win the Royal Rumble.

Entry NumberName of entrantEliminated By
#1Big CassBraun Strowman
#2Chris JerichoRoman Reigns
#3KalistoBraun Strowman
#4Mojo RawleyBraun Strowman
#5Jack GallagherMark Henry
#6Mark HenryBraun Strowman
#7Braun StrowmanBaron Corbin
#8Sami ZaynUndertaker
#9Big ShowBraun Strowman
#10Tye DillingerBraun Strowman
#11James EllsworthBraun Strowman
#12Dean AmbroseBrock Lesnar
#13Baron CorbinUndertaker
#14Kofi KingstonSheamus & Cesaro
#15The MizUndertaker
#16SheamusChris Jericho
#17Big ESheamus & Cesaro
#19CesaroChris Jericho
#20Xavier WoodsSheamus & Cesaro
#21Bray WyattRoman Reigns
#22Apollo CrewsLuke Harper
#23Randy OrtonWinner
#24Dolph ZigglerBrock Lesnar
#25Luke HarperGoldberg
#26Brock LesnarGoldberg
#27Enzo AmoreBrock Lesnar
#29UndertakerRoman Reigns
#30Roman ReignsRandy Orton

WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Winner:

Randy Orton

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