Another AEW star reportedly open to making WWE return under Triple H

Triple H
WWE's reported contract tampering over the summer has continued to cause issues in AEW

Is Triple H attempting to sign talent away from All Elite Wrestling?

Speculation continues to run rampant that the alleged contract tampering of All Elite Wrestling talent has led to multiple stars wanting to return to WWE.

On the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer weighed in on the Buddy Matthews speculation, stating that both Matthews and Black wanted to get out of their AEW contracts to return to WWE.

“He was on a show in Rhode Island last night and said that he needed to step away and recalibrate and he even mentioned Malakai Black,” Dave Meltzer said. “It was very similar wording to what Malakai Black said when he did that independent show a week or two ago. It’s the same situation. How it’s being handled [and] what’s gonna happen is up in the air. But he’s gone for now…Obviously, like Malakai Black, they both wanted to leave and they want to go to WWE. They’re both under long-term contracts and we’ll see how this plays out.” [H/T:]

Despite Meltzer's comments, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful said today that he thinks we'll see both Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews back in All Elite Wrestling before the year is over.

"Honestly I think we see both Buddy and Malakai back in AEW this year *shrugging emoji*," Sean Ross Sapp said in a tweet.

Would Buddy Matthews thrive in Triple H's WWE?

Triple H has brought back several released WWE Superstars over the past two months, and it's not surprising that Hunter would want someone like Buddy Matthews on his roster.

Matthews is also currently dating RAW Superstar Rhea Ripley, so his desire to work in the same company as his significant other makes complete sense.

But despite all the speculation, Buddy Matthews took to social media last night to tweet a GIF from the television sitcom Seinfeld to imply that things being said about him online right now are fake. You can check out the embedded tweet below:

What do you make of the reports that Buddy Matthews wants to return to WWE? Do you think Matthews would be utilized at a high level by Triple H on RAW or SmackDown? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.