Backstage news on the identity of the SmackDown Mystery hacker revealed

Mustafa Ali was a police officer before he became a full-time wrestler.
Mustafa Ali was a police officer before he became a full-time wrestler.

The SmackDown mystery hacker storyline has gradually become one of the most intriguing angles on WWE TV in the past month and the stage is set for the highly-anticipated revelation.

Who is the SmackDown mystery hacker? Surprisingly enough, WWE wasn't even sure about who the hacker would be when the storyline began.

Sportskeeda's Tom Colohue revealed on the latest edition of the Dropkick DiSKussions podcast with host Korey Gunz that the SmackDown mystery hacker storyline was merely an afterthought from a creative standpoint when it was introduced on WWE TV. The company officials were surprisingly undecided over which Superstar will get to portray the gimmick.

Is Mustafa Ali the SmackDown mystery hacker?

Tom went on to explain why Mustafa Ali is the most obvious choice to be revealed as the man behind the glitches and hacks. Colohue also highlighted Ali's background as a police officer and how that fits in perfectly with the self-righteous nature of the SmackDown mystery hacker.

Tom had the following to say about the storyline:

When they first started this storyline, it was such an afterthought and I mean that creatively. Someone, one creative individual, came out and said, 'look, I want to try this and they said, yes, sure, whatever.' hey weren't even sure when they started this storyline, who the hacker was going to be. They really weren't.
Ali is the obvious one, but to be honest, he really is the only one who makes the most sense at the minute because of his background, how he puts his own work together. His self-promos have been so fantastic. It's really caught the attention. I think at this point people would be disappointed if it wasn't Ali.
Ali's history is in the police. He does have an individual stand for a sense of justice. With this in mind, I think that's the direction they would take the hacker, if course, it ends up being Ali.

Is Ali the SmackDown mystery hacker or does WWE have another surprise in store for the fans? Let us know your predictions in the comments section.

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