Backstage reason why Vince McMahon reportedly wants to push Shorty G on SmackDown

Vince McMahon admires the talent of this SmackDown Superstar
Vince McMahon admires the talent of this SmackDown Superstar

WWE SmackDown Superstar Chad Gable aka Shorty G saw his popularity rise during the 'King of the Ring' tournament. Although he couldn't win the crown, his performance was credited by both fans and critics. Following that, he was engaged in a brief feud with Baron Corbin which also saw his name being changed to Shorty G.

Chad Gable then spent a lot of time away from the TV and finally returned on SmackDown last month. He competed in a fatal 4-way match for a shot at the Intercontinental Championship but couldn't seal the opportunity. On the last episode of SmackDown, a shocking turn of events saw him defending Baron Corbin when the latter was being attacked by Matt Riddle.

Chad Gable's interference in this SmackDown segment came as a surprise to a lot of fans. While WWE did tease a heel turn for this SmackDown Superstar, the creative has not hinted at a definitive direction for him. But it appears that he is in for a big push on SmackDown.

The reason why Vince McMahon wants to push Chad Gable on SmackDown

As reported by Tom Colohue, Vince McMahon's decision to push Chad Gable is the result of the latter's in-ring talent. He reportedly sees a glimpse of Kurt Angle in Shorty G. In addition, Baron Corbin is also behind the opportunities given to other Superstars on SmackDown recently.

Here's what Tom Colohue had to say during his SmackDown review:

"Chad Gable may or may not be a heel going forward. Kayfabe reasoning for this that Chad Gable hasn't had that many chances recently. He is trying to collect a King's ransom which Baron Corbin has laid out for him. This essentially means that he will get money."
"But in a non-kayfabe sense, it is to get Chad Gable into some feud and get him some TV time, and eventually get to that Chad Gable vs Matt Riddle match. Baron Corbin has apparently been pushing for more opportunities for people and this is one of the ways that Vince McMahon believes that they can push new stars. Chad Gable is someone that he wants to push purely because of his in-ring talent. Apparently he sees a lot of Kurt Angle in Chad Gable."

Chad Gable is certainly a promising Superstar and can be a promising name in the mid-card. With a potential heel turn, WWE could make the best use of this talented SmackDown Superstar. It will indeed be interesting to see if Chad Gable will eventually form an alliance on SmackDown.

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