Details of how far WWE will possibly push the "TV-14" rating of RAW - Reports

WWE will be shifting to the 'TV-14' rating for RAW
WWE will be shifting to the 'TV-14' rating for RAW
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The wrestling world was taken aback when news emerged that WWE would be bringing back the TV-14 rating for Monday Night RAW. Even though the product shift won't occur as early as initially reported, the major change has fans excited for a new era to start back again.

A rating change akin to the style of the classic Attitude era has been speculated to arrive for a while now from fans. The more edgy product is often seen as the peak of the company's popularity. Things have slowed down since July 22, 2008, as the WWE adopted a PG rating for a more mainstream and family-friendly approach to wrestling entertainment.

Dave Meltzer discussed how much change he believed would be brought to the red brand on the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Meltzer noted that return to a similar product of the late 1990s is highly unlikely and WWE won't be looking to push the envelope too far with a TV-14 rating.

“I mean, as far as I know, it’s something in discussion," Meltzer said. "It’s not going to start this Monday like he [Andrew Zarian] had first thought and I guess there was a memo that he had seen that said that, but the memo was released prematurely or something. It’s weird."

The journalist expressed that he doesn't believe the company would involve blood in their programming despite the change in rating.

"I don’t believe they’re going to do blood. I’ve asked the company and the company… There are people in the company who I know knew nothing about it. The company official line was did not comment on it at all. So, you know, that makes me think it’s in progress and they don’t want to say it until they’re ready to address it themselves, and they’re not yet, because they would have if that was the case" (H/T - RingsideNews)
Moving #WWERaw away from the PG Era into TV-14 is, in theory, a pretty big change for WWE.I don't think we are going to see any huge changes right now, if I'm honest, but it's definitely an exciting step.It's probably the biggest change since Raw became three hours in 2012.

Cody Rhodes seemingly reacted to the WWE TV-14 rating change for RAW

Fans everywhere have been buzzing about the news, but it seems that Cody Rhodes is one of the most excited about the change. Rhodes is quite familiar with TV-14 rating content as he previously worked over in AEW.

The American Nightmare took to his social media as soon as news of WWE reverting to the rating broke. Rhodes sent out a tweet of a winking emoji, possibly hinting that he might be looking forward to the change as well.

The former Intercontinental Champion is currently recovering from a torn pectoral injury and the exact timeline for his return is unknown. But we're sure that Rhodes will be looking forward to bringing some heavy action when he crosses over into the TV-14 version of RAW.

Do you think WWE should be turning back to a TV-14 rating? Sound off below.

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