Disappointing update on The Rock's status for WrestleMania 39 

The Rock has been rumored to return for WrestleMania 39
The Rock has been rumored to return for WrestleMania 39

WrestleMania 39 is around the corner and fans have started to wonder if The Rock will be making his long-awaited WWE comeback this year for a match.

WWE is looking to pull out all the stops to cement this year's Show of Shows as one of the best in history. This will be the first Mania without Vince McMahon being at the helm of the creative and Triple H taking the wheel in his place. Fans are expecting some big names to make a comeback, with a lot of chatter surrounding the dream match proposition of The Rock and Roman Reigns.

However, that scenario now seems quite uncertain as Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that the Great One's status for WrestleMania has not been cemented as of yet.

“We were told that unless he changes his mind in the next few days, since a deadline for Mania plans is coming, that he’s indicated he won’t have time to get into the kind of shape he feels he needs to be in to do a main event match with Roman Reigns, but kept the door open for something in the future. Of course, it is a possibility that it’s something being kept a secret from everyone."

Meltzer further stated that a decision is yet to be made because of The Rock's busy schedule and he feels that proper time will be needed for him to get back in shape for a potential main event match against Roman Reigns.

"Johnson right now has different projects going on, most importantly the launching of the XFL which debuts the weekend of 2/18 and he will be very heavily involved with the promotion of the league. He had said he would need to have training time to be able to get in ring shape. So his decision comes down to his belief of having adequate time to prepare.”

Has WWE hinted at The Rock returning for WrestleMania 39?

Fans are extremely hyped about WrestleMania 39 and with the Royal Rumble taking place on January 29, they're expecting to be blown away by some big surprises.

WWE picked out a Hollywood theme for this year, and that had all of us raising our eyebrows similar to The Rock himself. Now some new merch has also dropped for The Rock, which could be a wink to fans that some plans could be in place for his return.

The new merch includes two smooth black hoodies with the Great One's signature Brahma Bull raising his eyebrow on display in the middle.

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