Former champion out for an indefinite time after suffering ACL injury on WWE SmackDown - Reports

WWE will have to deal with another injury!
WWE will have to deal with another injury!

WWE is often struck with injury issues. Despite having a deep roster, the absence of top stars can derail creative plans and storylines. Triple H would need to deal with a setback like this again after it was reported that Dakota Kai is out with an ACL injury.

Kai recently challenged for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship along with Bayley. The duo faced off against Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez. It was later revealed that both Morgan and Dakota suffered an injury during the bout, with the latter's injury reported to be more severe.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer provided an update on the situation, noting that Dakota Kai has suffered a torn ACL. It was also reported that the Damage CTRL member suffered a setback while trying to protect Liv Morgan during a spot. Kai will undergo surgery tomorrow and could be out for a long time.

"Dakota Kai's injury was confirmed as a torn ACL. The injury took place in the same match on May 12 that Liv Morgan was injured in with Raquel Rodriguez & Morgan vs. Kai & Bayley for the WWE Women's Tag Team titles. The word was that she was injured after Morgan suffered her shoulder injury and the knee injury came in a spot where she knew Morgan was hurt and was trying to protect her," Meltzer reported.

Bayley will be teaming up with IYO SKY in Dakota Kai's absence from WWE

Injuries to both Liv Morgan and Dakota Kai have hampered WWE plans in a major way. Raquel Rodriguez and Morgan had to relinquish the women's tag team title after the setback, with a match to determine the new champions set to take place on next week's RAW.

The match will be a Fatal Four-Way, with the teams of Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey, Bayley, and IYO SKY, and Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green all set to compete for the vacant championships. Raquel Rodriguez will also get a chance to compete with a partner of her choosing.

WWE has been teasing the implosion of Damage CTRL over the last few weeks. However, with Dakota Kai out of action, it'll be interesting to see if Triple H and Co. change plans or continue down the same road.

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