Major tease dropped surrounding CM Punk's potential WWE return

Will CM Punk return to WWE at Survivor Series?
Will CM Punk return to WWE at Survivor Series?

CM Punk has been rumored to be heading back to WWE for several months since he was fired from AEW earlier this year.

The former World Champion left WWE back in 2014 and has since been outspoken about the company, but recent reports suggest that he is open to making his return.

A recent WWE update on Instagram saw the USA Network drop another huge tease regarding Punk's return.

This comes after several Punk quotes have been added to WWE shows and Shinsuke Nakamura has even delivered a GTS, twice.

There have been reports that much of this is linked to stars going into business for themselves and it could be argued that the USA Network wouldn't be aware of on-going WWE decisions, but it's clear that something major is about to happen.

Will CM Punk make his WWE return at Survivor Series next month?

Many fans have questioned why CM Punk is yet to make his WWE return if it is going to happen since he is free to join any promotion he likes after being fired by AEW. The short response is that Punk is expected to make his return at Survivor Series since the show will be held in his hometown of Chicago.

Randy Orton is also set to return that weekend, which could overshadow any planned Punk involvement, but if WWE wants the desired reaction to Punk since he's returning for the first time in a decade, then this is the best place.

Rumors currently suggest that talks with WWE and Punk have come to an end and he isn't set to return. But Survivor Series is a month away and a lot can change in four weeks.

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