Major update on Lars Sullivan's new career post-WWE release - Reports 

Lars Sullivan.
Lars Sullivan.

Lars Sullivan, aka Dylan Miley, was quietly released from the WWE in January this year at the superstar's request.

Fightful Select has now released a significant update regarding the ex-WWE talent's future.

They've confirmed that Lars Sullivan is presently in the early stages of his boxing training. Sullivan has also considered taking up a fight somewhere down the line.

The report noted that Lars Sullivan is also 'open to capitalizing on his past as a WWE superstar.' However, it should be noted that Sullivan has still not entirely committed his future to the sport of boxing.

The former NXT star told Fightful that he is 'jumping in' and will keep track of his progress before doing serious business in the world of boxing.

Lars Sullivan to pursue bare-knuckle fighting?


Dave Meltzer was the first to report on Lars Sullivan's new career direction four months back in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Sullivan had initially wanted to pursue Bare Knuckle boxing, and while the plan could still be on the table, Fightful wasn't explicitly told about the same.

Bare-knuckle boxing has grown tremendously in the past few years, and despite age being a deterring factor, Sullivan was said to be hopeful about his prospects.

'Dylan Miley, the former Lars Sullivan, is now doing boxing training with the idea of working for one of the Bare Knuckle promotions. He's 32, which is old to start boxing training. Also, you don't see a lot of 330 pound boxers or MMA fighters. The story is that he has no illusions about his age being a factor and just starting out, but is planning on competing in that sport," noted Meltzer.

Lars Sullivan requested his WWE release at the start of the year following a lengthy battle with crippling anxiety problems. Sullivan informed WWE officials that he no longer planned on wrestling, and the company subsequently parted ways with the controversial talent.

The 32-year-old superstar is most likely done with professional wrestling, and boxing appears to be his next big gig. We at Sportskeeda Wrestling wish Lars Sullivan all the very best.