Matt Riddle was reportedly not too interested in renewing his WWE contract

Matt Riddle and Vince McMahon.
Matt Riddle and Vince McMahon.

Dave Meltzer first revealed Matt Riddle's new WWE contract's details during a recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter edition.

Figthful Select has now released more information on Matt Riddle's WWE contract and what happened leading up to the new deal being signed.

Fightful verified the previously revealed details of Matt Riddle's contract. It was added that Matt Riddle wasn't too interested in renewing his contract after an initial offer was made. WWE changed the terms of the deal, and the belief was that Matt Riddle would put ink to paper by the end of 2020.

WWE officials felt that the former NXT Tag Team Champion would sign the new contract before the calendar rolled over to 2020. As per sources close to the situation, Matt Riddle signed the agreement last week.

The report concluded by stating that Matt Riddle's old contract was originally scheduled to expire in August. It should be noted that Matt Riddle signed the previous deal in 2018.

Dave Meltzer had reported that Matt Riddle had signed a three-year contract, and he would make $400,000 per year, amounting to $1.2 million. Matt Riddle would also make $50,000 for every show he does in Saudi Arabia.

Matt Riddle's WWE status

Matt Riddle and Jeff Hardy.
Matt Riddle and Jeff Hardy.

Riddle joined WWE in 2018, and he spent nearly two years in the Black-and-Gold brand before making his move to the main roster. Riddle's SmackDown debut was pushed as a big deal as the legendary Kurt Angle endorsed him.

The early momentum of Matt Riddle's arrival on SmackDown fizzled out as he lost a few high-profile matches. The Original Bro was drafted to RAW in October, and he has continued to be featured regularly on the Red brand.

Matt Riddle is currently in a tag team angle with Jeff Hardy. WWE even recently filed for a trademark on the term 'Hardy Boys.' Jeff Hardy and Matt Riddle share an exciting dynamic, and WWE wishes to capitalize on the duo by merging two crucial aspects of their characters.

Matt Riddle is still 34 years old, and the good thing is that he is reportedly in Vince McMahon's good books. Could 2021 be Matt Riddle's year?

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