Details of Kofi Kingston's absence revealed, he has reportedly been given a quarantine off period

Kofi Kingston and Big E.
Kofi Kingston and Big E.

As revealed during the last episode of SmackDown, Kofi Kingston is set to miss six weeks of action due to injury, and Big E would embark on a singles run.

In case you're wondering, Kofi Kingston isn't really injured.

Tom Colohue revealed on the latest edition of the Dropkick DiSKussions podcast that Kofi Kingston is doing just fine. The injury was part of the storyline to write him off TV.

Tom noted that Kofi Kingston has been given some time off, which was termed as a quarantine period.

Kofi Kingston's brief WWE hiatus

WWE has reportedly told its talents that they can take some time off during the pandemic era. They just have to inform the company about their desire to take a break, and the creative team can then come up with a way to write them off TV.

Daniel Bryan has been off TV owing to the same reason. Kevin Owens also took a short hiatus not too long ago based on the same idea, and now Kofi Kingston has also been given a much-needed break from WWE TV to spend some time with his family.

Here's what Tom Colohue revealed on the Dropkick DiSKussions podcast with host Korey Gunz:

Kofi is absolutely fine. He has just been given six weeks off to take a quarantine period, go and see his family, take a quarantine period and then come back to work.
The WWE have mentioned to every member and talent they have in that locker room. They ave said to them, 'if you want to opt-out of working, if you want to go and spend some time with your family, just tell us.' That's where Daniel Bryan is at the moment, that's where Kevin Owens was for a couple of weeks. If you want to spend some time away, come to us, we will find a way to write you out, all you have ask you is to give us the time to do that in a way that it makes logical sense. That is what happened with Kofi, and I'm sure he'll be very happy to be Big E's buddy and be in Big E's corner cheering him on when he does return.

As stated earlier, Big E will kickstart a singles run with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods away from WWE. How would you like to see WWE book Big E's upcoming singles stint?

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