Plans and problems with Adam Cole and Undisputed Era call up (Exclusive)

The Undisp
The Undisputed Era

In the main event of the second night of NXT's Great American Bash extravaganza, NXT champion Adam Cole was dethroned after a mammoth championship run by North American champion Keith Lee.

Speculation has been rampant since as to Adam Cole's status in NXT, in WWE and indeed as the head of the popular Undisputed Era faction of four. Recently, there were reports that Adam Cole's contract was coming to an end but those reports have been heavily disputed since.

I have reported previously that Adam Cole and the entire Undisputed Era have been offered a place on either RAW or SmackDown, with many WWE officials believing that the group have done all that they can on NXT. However, there are apparently a number of issues that could raise concern.

With Triple H and Vince McMahon in particular aware of a number of RAW and SmackDown stars looking to spend time back in NXT and additionally, a number of NXT stars eager to never leave the brand, WWE management have had to be very careful with the movements that they have made. A number of people were moved from NXT on to RAW and SmackDown after this year's WrestleMania and of those names Bianca Belair, Shayna Baszler, The Forgotten Sons and others have barely featured.

Adam Cole is wanted on the main roster

I can exclusively report that while there is an offer on the table to bring Adam Cole and The Undisputed Era up to RAW or SmackDown around SummerSlam time, not every member of the group is eager to have that happen due to an urge to stay in NXT. There is believed to be a concern that the move from Full Sail to the Performance Center taping schedule might create an increased risk of COVID-19.

While the desire is to move the entire faction up as a whole entity instead of just Adam Cole, a number of officials have expressed a concern to me that there is still some convincing to do. It is, unfortunately, possible that one or more members would be "left behind" in a sense and stay in NXT despite being assured that there are little to no plans to use them going forwards.

There is also an urge at this point, with so much talent coming through but so many people released on the main roster recently to clear the NXT card a little more. The original plan was to have a full shakeup post WrestleMania with a number of NXT members moving across to RAW and SmackDown and some lesser-used members of those rosters spending some time in NXT. But due to COVID-19, this was canceled and a number of quiet moves were made with this in mind.

The Undisputed Era would remain with the idea being that they could bed in other talent, such as Adam Cole's recent feuds with Velveteen Dream and Keith Lee, before arriving on the main roster closer to SummerSlam time.

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