Reason why Sheamus didn’t wrestle on second half of WWE’s recent European Tour - Reports

Why didn't The Celtic Warrior wrestle on WWE's recent overseas tour?
Why didn't The Celtic Warrior wrestle on WWE's recent overseas tour?
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The reason for WWE Superstar Sheamus not wrestling in the latter half of the company's European tour has emerged.

WWE just completed a four-date overseas tour that saw Sheamus wrestle at both United Kingdom shows. However, The Celtic Warrior didn't make an appearance in either France or Germany to wrap up the tour.

The WWE Universe took notice, and some fans feared that the former champion had once again been injured. He has been sidelined multiple times in the past few years, first suffering a concussion in 2019 that kept him out of action for the better part of a year, then famously breaking his nose in June 2021.

But according to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, an injury doesn't appear to be the reason for Sheamus' absence. Johnson stated that The Celtic Warrior didn't compete during the second half of the tour was by design, as the company wanted Butch to get more in-ring time in front of the crowd.

Butch was recently called up to the main roster and repackaged as part of a new stable with Sheamus and Ridge Holland. The former United Kingdom Champion worked matches with Intercontinental Champion Ricochet throughout the tour.

Will Sheamus take a backseat to Butch on WWE SmackDown?

Since the former Pete Dunne was brought to the main roster as Butch, it appears the company has chosen to make him the star of the Fight Night trio.

Seeing the former WWE Champion utilized to get Butch over with fans, one has to question whether too much attention is being taken away from The Celtic Warrior to focus on the former United Kingdom Champion.

Before his recent bout with Kofi Kingston on SmackDown, the leader of Fight Night hadn't had a singles match on the blue brand since February 11. It certainly appears that the former WWE Champion is on the backburner in favor of Butch right now.

What are your thoughts on The Celtic Warrior not wrestling in the second half of the WWE European tour? Let us know in the comments section below.

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