Recent WWE title change was reportedly a last-minute decision; potential reason why

Dominik losing his title was seemingly a last minute decision
Why did a WWE Title unexpectedly switch hands?

Dominik Mysterio lost his WWE NXT North American Championship to Trick Williams this weekend at No Mercy after Dragon Lee was in the perfect place to call the pinfall.

Many fans have since questioned if this was always going to be the result and if Mustafa Ali would have won his first WWE Championship if he wasn't released from the company a few weeks ago.

Bryan Alvarez of The Wrestling Observer noted that there was no plan for Ali to win the Championship when he was Mysterio's scheduled opponent, which means that this was a last-minute change.

“Ali was not supposed to win. Now, I will say this. They have not announced an NXT yet, but I would not be the least bit surprised if within the next week or two. Trick offers a rematch to Dominik and Carmelo screws him out of the title and we get the belt back on Dominik because clearly, the belt is going to end up back on Dominik soon because he was never supposed to lose it. He wasn’t going to lose it to Ali. And so that would also play into this Carmelo-Trick storyline where Carmelo is jealous that Trick has a title and he does not.” via WrestlingNews.

Was Dominik Mysterio punished for his actions following WWE RAW?

Dominik Mysterio has been in the headlines this past week because he was seen kicking a WWE official to the ground after RAW went off the air. The video has gone viral on social media and there was speculation that this could have been the reason for the last-minute decision to take the title from the rising star.

Mysterio will have to face The Judgment Day on RAW tonight after his title loss, which could be an interesting showdown if Rhea Ripley makes her return.

Do you think Mysterio deserved to lose his Championship? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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