Possible reason behind Sasha Banks and Naomi's walkout on WWE RAW

Sasha Banks and Naomi are the current WWE Women's Tag Team Champions
Sasha Banks and Naomi are the current WWE Women's Tag Team Champions

It has been reported that a potential reason why WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Naomi left the arena during last night's episode of RAW is due to issues with their contracts.

In a story that has dominated the wrestling world, Banks and Naomi left the building last night on RAW over the creative differences surrounding their booking as the Women's Tag Team Champions.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that the Team B.A.D. stars may have left the arena due to problems with their contracts. He noted that the situation has been building up for quite some time.

"Naomi was going to win the match and challenge Bianca Belair for the championship on the pay-per-view. So, it wasn’t about them getting buried in the match or anything like that, but there was something that happened and it may have to do with a contract situation with one or both of them." Meltzer added: "I think that more will probably be coming out as to the ‘why?’ and what they were unhappy about. It wasn’t something that just happened tonight. Some of it was building up and things like that." (H/T Ringside News)

Although Banks and Naomi's actions may seem unprofessional to some, it is still unclear why they chose to walk out of the show last night.

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Corey Graves brands Sasha Banks and Naomi as "Unprofessional"

At the start of RAW last night, the Women's Tag Team Champions were booked for a six-pack challenge that also involved Becky Lynch, Asuka, Doudrop, and Nikki A.S.H.

However, after the duo's exit, WWE altered the match into a one-on-one contest between Lynch and Asuka to determine who would face Bianca Belair at Hell in a Cell for the RAW Women's Championship.

During a backstage shot of Asuka warming up for her match with Lynch, WWE commentator Corey Graves called Sasha Banks and Naomi "unprofessional" for leaving the show.

"She <Asuka> was supposed to be a part of a six-pack challenge until WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Naomi cemerily and unprofessionally left the arena before this match could take place"Corey Graves just buried Sasha and Naomi on #WWERaw commentary

With Naomi and Sasha Banks' exit during RAW having taken place less than 24 hours ago, there will undoubtedly be plenty more facets to this story that will soon come to light.

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