Top faction planned for major WWE RAW return after 120 days - Reports

There could be some big returns this week on RAW
There could be some big returns this week on RAW

A top faction is reportedly planned for a return to WWE RAW tonight after a long absence. The two stars, who have now teamed with a former WWE Champion, have not been seen on RAW for more than 120 days, but that may change tonight. The stars in question are Veer Mahaan and Sanga of Indus Sher. Jinder Mahal may accompany them, too, as he too has been added to the faction as the leader.

Indus Sher as a team has been in the background being built up as the next two big stars for quite a long time. They have not broken through and are yet to make a major impact, but there have been a few times when they appeared to be the next big thing in the company. Mahaan and Sanga, teamed with Jinder Mahal recently, were drafted to RAW in 2023.

They had some big matches after that, squashing every team in their path. However, after defeating Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin on June 19, they have not competed on RAW. The two appeared once on Main Event and again at the Superstar Spectacle live event in India but have been missing from RAW.

Fightful Select reported that Indus Sher is planned for WWE RAW this week. While it's not clear yet what role they will play, it will be interesting to see what they do on the show.

However, given their history, they might make their presence felt.