Top WWE star has not traveled to Saudi Arabia for King and Queen of the Ring for a special reason - Reports

The WWE event is one of the bigger shows of the year for Triple H
The WWE event is one of the bigger shows of the year for Triple H [Images via Triple H on X and WWE website]

A top name from WWE has not traveled to Saud Arabia before King and Queen of the Ring. Reports have now indicated the reason for her absence.

Natalya has been with the company for a long time and has repeatedly proven herself as one of the best in-ring workers. While she's not won many titles in recent years, her experience has ensured that she's always been in the running for bigger things. She's also an invaluable voice backstage as a locker room leader for the women's division.

However, Natalya has not traveled to the show with the rest of the roster for the Saudi Arabian event. While Triple H may not have booked her for a match, others who don't have matches have traveled to Jeddah for King and Queen of the Ring.

Fightful Select has reported the special reason she's not traveled with the rest of the roster, and as it turns out, she's helping out WWE with different appearances. She's in New York and doing work for the promotion regarding the Special Olympics and military-related appearances.

WWE often sends top names to make such special appearances to play a part on behalf of the company, and in this case, Natalya appears to have been chosen.

Natalya recently had some sad news to share with the WWE Universe

The veteran also had a personal tragedy when her beloved cat, 2Pawz, passed away last week. He had had cancer and, despite fighting hard, was not able to pull through.

Natalya is well-known for being a cat lover and was extremely close to 2Pawz, which left her heartbroken.

"Our hearts hurt. We lost 2Pawz today. He’s been so strong and brave battling cancer and I’m so proud of him for how hard he fought. I’ve never had a cat as unique as him. Pawz and I had the most special connection. He was just exceptional, loving, loyal, sweet and so full of personality. I'm going to miss him so much. He’ll have a safe place in my heart forever and there will never be another like him," she wrote.

Sportskeeda extends its condolences to Natalya for this tragic loss.

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