Triple H was against the idea of popular stable on WWE RAW - Reports

Triple H is the Chief Content Officer of WWE!
Triple H is the Chief Content Officer of WWE!

Triple H's regime made several changes and scrapped many Vince McMahon projects on arrival. It has now been reported that The Judgment Day could have been one of those ideas that could've been eradicated from the company.

The Judgment Day has been one of the most heinous stables in recent memory. The group crossed several moral lines when it came to feuding with WWE Superstars like Edge and Rey Mysterio. They even recruited Dominik Mysterio to the stable, which led to Rey leaving the red brand.

Triple H has been very supportive of his NXT alumnus in the past and 3 out of the 4 members of the stable are former champions of the black and gold brand. According to a recent report from WrestleVotes, Triple H was not behind the idea of the faction in his early days as the Chief Content Officer of the company:

"I know back in late July or early August, whenever this whole shift happened, from what I was told Hunter wasn’t really cool with Judgement Day. Not personally, but he just didn’t like the idea. But since he’s grown behind it, and I think that they’re going to be around for longer than anticipated." [H/T - GiveMeSport]

The stable went under a major change before the departure of Vince McMahon when Finn Balor replaced Edge as the de facto leader of the group.

The Judgment Day became a top stable on WWE RAW under Triple H's regime

In June, Edge introduced Finn Balor to the WWE Universe as the newest member of the group. Unfortunately, the stable turned on the Rated-R Superstar and viciously took him out of action for months. Sadly, the group lost its charm after the departure of the Hall of Famer.

Under Vince McMahon's regime, the group took a serious hit as they began performing on Main Event. The group slowly began to rise back up the card as they started feuding against The Mysterios. However, they still went on to lose a majority of their matches.

It was only after the arrival of the new regime and Triple H's motivation to create stables with credibility, that The Judgment Day began to rise. They became a staple on the red brand with weekly appearances and started winning singles and tag team matches.

After the arrival of Dominik Mysterio, the stable became unstoppable as they eliminated Edge and Rey Mysterio from the red brand. Last week, they defeated The O.C. in a six-man tag team match at WWE Crown Jewel.

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