Triple H's reported reaction to seeing CM Punk backstage on WWE RAW

CM Punk and Triple H have a popular past
CM Punk and Triple H had a heated past in WWE

CM Punk made headlines this past week on WWE RAW, with the The Cult Of Personality making an appearance backstage before the latest episode of the red brand. He had a quick conversation with Triple H before being asked to leave.

The Cerebral Assassin and CM Punk had a heated rivalry both on and off the screen. The Best In The World was seen as someone who constantly questioned authority and never shied away from laying his cards on the table when it came to booking decisions.

In January 2014, CM Punk was abruptly removed from all WWE advertisements. It is a well-known fact that he and Triple H didn't see eye to eye regarding his creative direction. Punk wanted to main event WrestleMania at the time but The Authority figure thought otherwise.

Last night, before WWE RAW went on air, a report stated that CM Punk was backstage and met many WWE Superstars. While he was there, he made an effort to clear the air with The Miz, but the "main guy" he wanted to talk to was The Game.

Fightful has reported that Triple H was shocked to see Punk backstage. The former WWE Superstar was looking to have a short conversation with him. They shook hands before Punk left.

Triple H's huge announcement on WWE RAW

Hours before WWE RAW went on air, it was reported that Triple H was scheduled to make an announcement that would shake the foundation of the company. When the time came, the Chief Content Officer of the company made his way to the ring.

He addressed Roman Reigns' phenomenal run as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion and that he has gone through a number of WWE Superstars. He then said that the upcoming WWE Draft would see the Tribal Chief being sent to one brand where he would defend the titles while the other brand would see a new champion crowned.

The Game proceeded to unveil the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He stated that the WWE Universe would see a superstar being crowned at the Night of Champions Premium Live Event.

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