WWE has identified Gunther's next challenger - Reports

Who will be the one to dethrone Gunther?
Who will be the one to dethrone Gunther?

Gunther has become one of the biggest WWE Superstars on today's roster. The German wrestler has held on to the Intercontinental Championship for almost a year and is currently placed third in the list of longest reigns as Intercontinental Champion. While WWE fans wait to see what's next for him, a report has identified the Champion's next challenger.

Gunther successfully defended his Intercontinental Championship against Mustafa Ali at Night Of Champions in Saudi Arabia. Even though the crowd favored Ali, the Champion's brute strength proved to be too much for the crowd's hero.

During his reign as Intercontinental Champion, the Ring General has beaten top names such as Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Xavier Woods, and many more. The WWE Universe is determined to see his name in the top three longest Intercontinental Champions of all time. At the same time, many fans speculate who will be the one to take the Title from him.

According to a report by Xero News, WWE has decided on who will be Gunther's next challenger. The report states that The Ultimate Bro, Matt Riddle, will be the one to step up to the Champion next. While no timeline is stated in the report, one can expect Riddle to make his intentions known in the coming weeks.

Gunther was the iron man of this year's Royal Rumble

Earlier this year, at the Royal Rumble PLE, the Intercontinental Champion was the number one entrant and lasted one hour and eleven minutes. He made five eliminations during the match, including that of WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T.

In a podcast, Booker T stated that he took precautions not to be hit with The Ring General's thunderous chops while he was in the ring. The former World Champion said,

"When I was in the rumble, I thought about taking one of those chops and then I said, 'Man, to hell with that. I'm not taking that d*** chop.'"

Who do you think will be the man to end Gunther's title reign? Let us know your predictions in the comments section below!

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