Real Reason why Kevin Owens was added to the WWE Championship match at Day 1 - Reports

Kevin Owens vs. Big E vs. Seth Rollins will happen soon.
Kevin Owens vs. Big E vs. Seth Rollins will happen soon.

Wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer recently discussed why Kevin Owens was inserted into the WWE Championship match at the Day 1 pay-per-view.

This week on RAW, KO faced Big E in the main event with the stipulation that if Owens won, he would be added to the world title match at Day 1. The Prizefighter eventually beat Big E via disqualification, all thanks to Seth Rollins' interference.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer detailed that adding Owens to the feud meant he would be taking the pin during the upcoming triple threat match. He also suggested that WWE wanted to stretch out Rollins and Big E's feud. After all, it would be tough to put Edge in the title picture due to him being a babyface, just like the current WWE Champion.

"This allows them to stretch the feud out between Big E and Seth Rollins because Kevin Owens can get pinned and they can keep the feud going. Because on that side, as long as Big E is a babyface champion, it's going to be tough to put Edge in there. Who is there other than Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens? And we don’t know how long Kevin Owens is going to be there. His contract is coming up at the end of January after the Royal Rumble, and then he’ll have a decision to make," Meltzer said.
IT'S ON!At #WWEDay1, @WWEBigE will finally defend the #WWEChampionship against @WWERollins ... AND @FightOwensFight in a Triple Threat…

Seth Rollins was irate after Kevin Owens tricked his way into the championship match

Rollins' fury knew no limits after Owens outsmarted him and qualified for the WWE Championship match at Day 1.

GENIUS!@FightOwensFight outsmarted @WWERollins on #WWERaw and got himself added to the #WWEChampionship Match at #WWEDay1!

The former Shield member was at ringside for the high-stakes matchup. Owens utilized the situation to his advantage as he provoked and attacked Rollins during the bout.

After a second onslaught, Rollins finally lost his temper and ambushed KO, leading to a disqualification finish in the latter's favor. He also laid out Big E with a stomp at the end of the episode.

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