WWE fired Nia Jax and replaced her with top RAW Superstar because she refused to return - Reports

Nia Jax was one of the big names released by WWE.
Nia Jax was one of the big names released by WWE.

WWE released Nia Jax in November 2021. Her release came as a big surprise because of her family ties and long tenure with the company. However, it is being speculated that the company replaced Jax with Doudrop on RAW. Hence, it was easier for them to let her go.

Nia Jax began a feud with Shayna Baszler and was out of action due to an on-screen injury. In reality, she had asked for some time off from the company, citing mental health issues as the reason. Unfortunately, the company decided to let her go instead.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio reported that one of the reasons Nia Jax was fired was because WWE had found Doudrop to fill Jax's shoes on RAW.

“The Doudrop spot was probably the spot they wanted Nia Jax in. Because if you remember they wanted Nia Jax back by mid-November and when she said no that’s when they fired her and that is when the Doudrop thing started being, you know,'' said Meltzer

He also stated that the reason Doudrop's heel turn felt rushed was likely because the company wanted her to have a character similar to Jax.

Should Nia Jax return?

The former RAW Women's Champion has always been a controversial figure in WWE. Many fans have called Nia Jax an unsafe worker, but her star power cannot be denied.

Jax was one of the most powerful women in WWE and brought a dominating aura to the women's division. The Unstoppable Force was one of the multiple superstars that WWE had released this year.

The latest round of cuts saw names like John Morrison and Top Dolla get the ax. It is unlikely that she will sign with any other big promotion. It's hard for Duodrop to replace Nia Jax in the women's division so we could see the latter return to WWE again.

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