WWE Superstars felt unsafe backstage around a recently released personality, Details of a Triple H incident - Reports

Triple H.
Triple H.

As reported earlier via PWInsider and Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp, WWE released several NXT talents and personnel, and the long list of names included referee and former wrestler Drake Wuertz.

Fightful Select has now released some explosive backstage details regarding Wuertz's WWE stint and how he was perceived backstage in the company.

To say that Drake Wuertz was a controversial figure would be a sheer understatement.

He was suspended earlier this year following an NXT county commission video in which he spoke out against mandated mask-wearing and made a few other eyebrow-raising comments. He was not allowed to enter the WWE Performance Center, aka the Capitol Wrestling Center (CWC).

While the exact reasons behind his suspension weren't revealed, Drake Wuertz's political views and anti-mask stance have been heavily criticized by people both inside and outside WWE.

Several WWE employees were willing to go on record to speak about Wuertz following his release, and it was noted that the former NXT referee 'brought nuclear heat' upon himself for the better part of the past year.

Why did Drake Wuertz have 'nuclear heat' in WWE?

Fightful were told that there were instances of WWE warning Wuertz about not wearing masks and getting vaccinated. Wuertz's 'attempts for political ways' were also an issue behind the scenes.

Drake Wuertz was eyeing a few top positions in WWE, and he was reportedly willing to draw heat on other people that could clear his path. He allegedly tried to 'put heat' on others on multiple occasions.

Minorities in NXT also took exception to Wuertz's wording, and one specific incident was revealed in Fightful's report. EJ Nduka (Ezra Judge), who was also released yesterday by WWE, almost felt the need to beat up Wuertz.

Many talents, predominantly those of color, often went up to high-ranking NXT officials to inform them about similar situations involving Drake Wuertz.

Wuertz garnered the most heat during last year's NXT In Your House show, where Triple H delivered a backstage speech on the Black Lives Matter movement. The crux of the NXT boss's message was that people of all races, religions, and genders are welcomed, and Wuertz's demeanor changed after he heard the word 'religions.' He proceeded to walk out of the meeting.

Wuertz 'aggressively gathered his belongings and left' during Triple H's address, and the referee's erratic behavior attracted a lot of attention.

In the following months, 'no fewer than ten wrestlers' according to the report revealed that they didn't feel comfortable or safe around Drake Wuertz.

In fact, Wuertz was also known to criticize talent backstage who got vaccinated or even flu shots.

Wuertz started working with the WWE in 2013, and he officiated several high-profile NXT matches during his time in the company. He rose to become the head referee on NXT before WWE curtailed his duties due to recent controversies.

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