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WWE Rumors: Asuka being considered as an addition to the SmackDown Women's Championship match at WrestleMania 33

Will the Empress of tomorrow make a special WrestleMania appearance?

News 25 Mar 2017, 20:09 IST
To call Asuka “dominant” would be a gross understatement

What’s the story?

According to CageSideSeats, NXT Women’s Champion Asuka is being considered as an addition to the SmackDown Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania. The report did note, however, that this would not be part of her main roster call-up.

In case you didn’t know...

Asuka made her NXT in-ring debut at NXT TakeOver: Respect in October 2015. Since then, she has yet to be pinned or submitted at any house shows or on television. Asuka is easily the most protected character in WWE as a whole, and her undefeated streak has now carried on for nearly one and a half years. 

Asuka became NXT Women’s Champion on April 1st, 2016, when she defeated Bayley at NXT TakeOver: Dallas. She will touch a full year reign when she defends the NXT Women’s Championship against Ember Moon at NXT TakeOver: Orlando. 

The heart of the matter

As mentioned by CageSideSeats, even if she is to be part of the SmackDown Women’s Championship match, it won’t be her official main roster call-up. She did a few house shows with the women of SmackDown Live, one being at Madison Square Garden, she teamed up with the babyfaces as a replacement for Naomi.

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Adding Asuka to the match would clearly be a great WrestleMania moment, but the fans would be very unhappy if she does not walk out with the championship, if she is added.

What’s next?

Asuka will have her match with Ember Moon at NXT TakeOver: Orlando and many feel she may drop the title to Ember at WrestleMania weekend. What happens next, only WWE know.

Author’s Take

Asuka is a special performer and is very different from anyone else in the WWE. She has proven herself to be one of NXT’s elite talents regardless of gender, and when she does eventually get the call-up, it should be a really special moment.

If she is to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship on her main roster debut, then it will be special. Otherwise, it will infuriate a lot of fans and may derail her momentum from the get-go to have her for a one-off and not win. 

Asuka is best reserved for a special moment, where her debut is all the focus and not a part of something involving several other Superstars.

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