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Rumors reveal possible stipulation for Triple H and Brock Lesnar

6.32K   //    15 Mar 2013, 23:21 IST

Triple H vs Brock Lesnar

After Brock Lesnar accepted Triple H‘s challenge on RAW last week, Heyman asked The Game to wait for the stipulation to be chosen. Heyman wants to see how bad Triple H wants to face Lesnar and hence the suspense over the stipulation.

However, there is huge news coming from sources that the possible stipulation between the two biggest stars in WWE will be a Hell in a Cell match. While the choice looks extremely disappointing, one has to say that this has sort of become a trend in recent times.

WWE now is under the impression that the best way to end a feud between two wrestlers is by putting them inside the Cell. But the problem with this decision is that the matches inside the Cell aren’t exactly as brutal as they are built up to be. While most people speak about the size and structure of the Cell, one thing that they tend to overshadow is the PG ratings under which WWE currently runs.

It is a common fact that brutality between wrestlers is limited a great deal under these ratings and over the past two years we have seen how dormant and calm a Hell in a Cell match can turn out.

I personally hope that these rumours are false, though the source and the news seems quite credible. A submission match will be very meaningful especially because Lesnar is making the decision here. Any MMA wrestler would love to have a submission match. Or the WWE can try and make things interesting by making this a three stages in hell match that will surely create a lot of excitement among fans.

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