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WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns will not turn heel at WrestleMania 33

Rohit Relan
9.37K   //    12 Mar 2017, 16:27 IST
Reigns will be Undertaker’s 25th Wrestlemania opponent 

What’s the story?

The Undertaker will face Roman Reigns at this year’s WrestleMania at Orlando, Florida. Fans were pretty vocal about their displeasure regarding this booking decision but the WWE went ahead with it anyway. 

Many believed that the only way Reigns vs Undertaker would serve as something meaningful was if Roman turned heel.

We have bad news for those who were expecting a heel turn for Reigns at Mania as we have learnt from IWNerd that WWE do not plan to use The Undertaker’s speculated last match to turn the Big Dog heel. 

In case you didn’t know...

Undertaker took part in this year’s Royal Rumble match where he got eliminated by Roman Reigns. After the elimination, Reigns and the Deadman had a staredown which almost confirmed the bout at the Grandest Stage Of Them All then and there.

The Undertaker was previously slated to face John Cena at WrestleMania, but the management decided against it. They saw the last Undertaker match as an opportunity to strengthen one of the younger roster members of the roster in Roman Reigns.

This past Raw, The Undertaker and Roman Reigns met each other in the ring where Roman told the Phenom that, “With all due respect, this is my yard now", to which the Undertaker responded with a Chokeslam.

You can check the video out below:

The heart of the matter

According to our source, it is believed backstage that a full blown heel turn is not required for The Big Dog.

Vince McMahon sees him as a borderline heel, similar to John Cena, where they don't need to carry out a traditional heel turn to establish his status with the WWE Universe. McMahon does not care whether the fans are booing or cheering for his matches as long as they remain vocal. 

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One of the popular theories suggests that Reigns will cheat his way to a win over the Undertaker and turn heel. The recent report definitely contradicts this rumour as WWE looks forward towards maintaining the Big Dog’s current personality heading out of Mania. 

What’s next?

Many believe that Roman Reigns will beat the Undertaker at the Showcase of the Immortals and rightly so. It is difficult to imagine a semi-retired veteran winning over an established young wrestler in his prime.

A triumph over the Deadman at Wrestlemania will catapult Reigns to the legendary status immediately, regardless of the dissatisfaction of the hardcore enthusiasts.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Roman Reigns is a talented in-ring competitor who has received praise from his colleagues on numerous occasions, however, the fans have still not accepted him as the top babyface of the company. Many opine that a heel turn would help Reigns as most sections of the fans are booing him anyways.

We believe that WWE has successfully managed to make a huge star out of Reigns despite the fans’ censure and won’t subside their push for him anytime soon.

Undertaker vs Roman Reigns won’t be as big as Undertaker vs John Cena but it would end up serving the purpose that WWE wants it to, that is, using a legendary legacy to build another one. 

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