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WWE Rumors: This is how Vince McMahon reacted to The Rock calling CM Punk

Vince was supposedly irate.

Rumors 22 Feb 2017, 03:15 IST
How did The Chairman react? 

What’s the news? 

According to Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio, Vince McMahon was not too happy with The Rock last night after Raw went off the air.

In case you didn’t know...

The Rock was backstage at Raw last night and preparing to come out after the WWE’s flagship show went off the air.  The Hollywood Megastar and former WWE Champion was in town in order to film some scenes for the movie, “Fighting With My Family,” which is a co-production between The Rock’s Seven Bucks Films and WWE Studios.  The movie is based on a documentary that was produced on the life of WWE Superstar, Paige.

The heart of the matter

As previously reported, The Rock was playing to the crowd in the Staples Center as camera crews were getting set up to film scenes for the movie.  While they were getting prepared, The Rock was trying to entertain the crowd in the way only he can.  In the middle of him telling the crowd what was going on and what he needed from them for the film, a loud, “CM Punk,” chant broke out.  

The Rock was quick to respond and stated, “He’s not in this movie,” but the chant just got louder.  So, being the witty improvisational he is, The Rock pulled out his cell phone and decided to call CM Punk.  The call went to voicemail and the crowd chanted loudly once more for the former Straightedge Superstar.  

Bryan Alvarez stated during Wrestling Observer Radio last night that Vince Mcmahon was not too happy with where The Rock had decided to take the promo.  At one point during the promo, somebody was sent down to ringside to ask The Rock to stop calling CM Punk.  It was also said that apparently, someone said something about The Brahma Bull’s microphone possibly being cut off because shortly before Rocky left the message he said, “wait, the mic better not be killed.

What’s next? 

“Fighting With My Family,” is set to continue filming.  There is currently no estimated release date for the film.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Vince can be upset all he likes.  The Rock is the biggest movie star in the world, and he’s much bigger than WWE.  He does not want to upset a working relationship with The Rock on this film, as The Rock is set to star in the film and it could be very profitable for WWE Studios.

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