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Rumour: Sheamus to turn heel

Rumour: Sheamus to turn heel

Rumors 04 May 2014, 13:08 IST
Heel turn in store for Sheamus?

Heel turn in store for Sheamus?

Rumours are that Sheamus could be turning heel, soon.

F4WOnline.com reports, “The big heel turn for Sheamus could end up happening during WWE‘s upcoming European tour or right after it. Officials didn’t want him turning heel right before the tour and then lose momentum by getting cheered so early in his heel run.”

Whether it happens during the upcoming European tour or not, this will be music to the ears of people who want to see Sheamus succeed.

With him operating as a babyface, you almost get the impression that the company have to restrain that aggressive character at times. His career has rapidly gone downhill, and a lack of direction has hindered him in terms of where the WWE can go next with Sheamus.


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