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Rumour: Sting not coming to WWE after all

by Amerta
Sting to not debut in the WWE

It’s been reported several times since WrestleMania XXX and even before, by numerous sources, that Sting officially signing with WWE was imminent. Now that it still hasn’t happened, the feeling is that imminent is no longer the word to describe the situation.

You may remember Sting revealing in an interview that he indeed had talks with WWE a few years ago and that he came close to signing. There was a deal in place a few years back where WWE believed Sting was coming in for 100 dates. This may have been the deal Sting revealed in the interview, but he ended up not taking WWE’s deal and as we know, went with TNA’s deal instead.

Hopefully, this isn’t another instance of Sting coming close to signing with WWE, but backing off with a deal on the table.

At last word, Sting is still scheduled to work on several WWE Network and DVD projects.

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