Rumour: WWE's reasons behind Aksana's firing

Former WWE Diva Aksana

After WWE revealed its list of 11 released superstars, fans were disappointed to see some of the promising talents fired from the company.

And one decision that did not sit well with the WWE universe was the decision to let go WWE Diva Aksana.

The Lithuanian fitness model turned Diva was certainly a fan favourite and questions were raised as to why she was axed when there were options like Rosa Mendes.

According to PWS reports, the reason behind Aksana’s release was due to the fact that WWE were clearing some space in order to bring in more NXT Divas. While there could have other Divas expendable to the company’s decision, Aksana topped the release list mainly because she had no backing from creative.

The only person who had her back was Kevin Dunn, who often referred to Aksana as his favorite Diva. But since his initiative to give her a push died down in recent months, Aksana’s time finally ran out.

Sources have also revealed that Mendes’ job was saved because of her involvement with “Total Divas.” There have been suggestions that E! wanted Rosa to appear to next season’s “Total Divas” and that side project may have prompted the WWE to keep her regardless of the fact that she rarely gets screen time on TV.

Meanwhile, the rumour is that Ric Flair’s daughter Charlotte as well as Sasha Banks, both of NXT, are probably the ones who will be pushed into the WWE roster. Charlotte won the NXT Divas title after Paige got transferred to the WWE.

Vince McMahon loves a current star. Kurt Angle gave us all the details here.

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