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WWE Rumours: Backstage heat between Triple H and Shane McMahon

The power struggle between Shane McMahon and Triple H comprises more than what meets the eye.

Shane McMahon and Triple H may soon lock horns  over who gets control of WWE creative

Since the Attitude Era, savage power struggles between opposing dominant forces has been an integral storyline in the WWE. Be it inside the squared circle or outside, WWE has always been the land where the mighty survive.

This has been the year of returns and new arrivals for the WWE. Whether it’s Chris Jericho, Goldberg, AJ Styles or Nakamura, WWE have ushered in a new era with these superstars in the thick of things. Another return that changed the course of WWE this year was the welcome return of Shane McMahon.

With ratings taking a severe hit and no superstar available to take on the Undertaker, WWE made a desperate attempt to go with Shane McMahon and struck gold.

Initially rumoured to be a short stint, Shane’s run with the company has seen him taking the role of SmackDown Live commissioner and even competing in the Survivor Series traditional 5 on 5 elimination match.    

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But if some rumours are to be believed, then Shane’s return hasn’t been taken too well by the power couple of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. WWE too has given subtle hints of this fact when Shane accused Stephanie and Hunter of ‘running the company into the ground’. 

A new report from Ian Frisch at Vice Sports says that Shane and one on his friends James Frey, in 2012, pitched an idea before Vince McMahon. Their suggestion was to take over the reins of creative for WWE. At that time, however, Vince had shot down the idea.

However, Kevin Dunn, Executive Vice-President of Production, is an ardent supporter of Shane. Much of that support for Shane O’Mac arises from the fact that Dunn does not like Triple H. 

Kevin Dunn has always been lobbying to get Shane back in the company in a high ranking position. This could affect Stephanie and Hunter’s interests in the company and this entire situation could escalate into a huge power struggle among the McMahon siblings once Vince is out of the picture.

Ric Flair too pointed out the same on his online podcast recently, he had also stated that Shane McMahon vs. Triple H would be the best idea going into WrestleMania 33 in Orlando.

The Nature Boy pointed out that the matchup would draw big money and shed light on the rivalry that exists between the two men but hasn't been highlighted to its true potential in the past.

Here’s an audio clip of Shane McMahon talking about his relationship with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H:

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