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WWE Rumours: Emmalina to debut after Royal Rumble

Is Emmalina set to debut after the Royal Rumble?

Is WWE waiting till after the Royal Rumble to debut Emmalina? 

What’s the story?

WWE has been teasing the debut of the Emmalina character since the start of October 2016, but it looks like we may have to wait for her debut until after the Royal Rumble, according to rumours.

In case you didn’t know...

Emma was one of the highlights of the NXT brand, following the main roster call-ups of Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.

She feuded with Bayley, with Dana Brooke as her accomplice, prior to them becoming embroiled in a feud with Asuka. Emma then returned to the main roster and was part of the 10 woman tag match at WrestleMania.

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Emma has been off of WWE TV ever since she suffered a back injury in May that required surgery.

It was rumoured for some time that she would be making her comeback as Emmalina, and then vignettes started airing on Raw. The vignettes have now been airing for over three months, with no signs of Emmalina making an appearance. 

The heart of the matter

At the current time, the Raw women’s division isn’t massively in need of Emmalina to come back. All of the women on the roster are currently locked into feuds, and that is probably why WWE isn’t in a rush to have her make her big return.

Emma must be itching to get back into action in the ring, but WWE is waiting for the perfect opportunity to present itself for the return of Emmalina.

What’s next?

With the Royal Rumble set to take place in just over a week, it could be as soon as the episode of Raw the night after the Rumble takes place. With Charlotte set to face Bayley for the Raw Women’s title at the Rumble, there’s the potential for throwing Emmalina into some kind of feud with both women going forward.

Sportskeeda’s take

It feels like a long time since the Emmalina vignettes began to air on Raw, and in fact, it really has been that long.

This could be a great step in the career for the Superstar formerly known as Emma, with the fact that WWE is willing to wait for the right time to bring her back showing that they want her to make the biggest impact possible. 

Emma could be a big part of the Women’s Division on Raw, her past matches on both NXT and the main roster have shown that she is more than capable of putting on good performances in the ring.

Her new character is a breath of fresh air and hopefully, the Emmalina character can be a big break for Emma going forward.

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