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WWE Rumours: Kenny Omega may not sign with WWE

Kenny Omega's contract with NJPW expires on January 31.

Kenny “The Cleaner” Omega in his epic Terminator avatar at Wrestle Kingdom 11

What’s the story?

Ever since Henny Omega released his cryptic tweet referring to the end of his contract in NJPW, the wrestling world is waiting keenly to know where he is bound next. Several speculations suggest that Kenny might sign with WWE as it would be the ideal case for his career.

But, it now looks like that may not be the case.

Cagesideseats reports that Kenny Omega may be weighing in on his options at this stage of his career. But, the report also states that Kenny Omega is expected back in NJPW.

In case you didn’t know...

A few days ago, Dave Meltzer noted publicly that Kenny Omega’s contract with NJPW would be expiring by the end of this month. Combined with the fact that Omega has released a cryptic tweet regarding his dilemma, several fans expected Kenny to take the proverbial next step in his career.

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Kenny Omega’s popularity has been growing day by day in the independent circuit. His recent match with Okada at Wrestle Kingdom 11 has taken the wrestling world by storm. Several fans touted the match to be one of the best matches they had watched.

This growing popularity has created a huge demand for Kenny Omega among the wrestling promotions in the world. 

The heart of the matter

According to Cagesideseats, Kenny Omega is currently weighing in his options regarding where to go next once his contract with NJPW expires. But Cagesideseats also reports that Kenny Omega is expected to re-sign with NJPW before his contract expires.

This new information hints that Kenny might not be signing with WWE anytime soon as several fans expected. While WWE may be keen to sign Kenny Omega to a contract, it seems that Omega is not yet ready to sign with the company.

What next?

Though it might be the proverbial next step for Omega to sign with WWE, Kenny is in a spot in his career where he has the leeway to work a few more years on the independent scene before committing himself to the hectic travel schedule of WWE.

Regardless of his choice, the popularity of Kenny Omega is surely bound to increase in the upcoming months if he keeps delivering stellar matches. With the increased star power, Kenny might have a huge negotiating advantage when he finally decides to sign with WWE.

Sportskeeda’s Take

We feel that this is the ideal time for Kenny Omega to sign with WWE. His red-hot popularity among the indy fans makes him all but bulletproof from a character standpoint. Considering how WWE is in an expansion mode, Kenny might get a great push once he debuts in WWE much like Finn Balor and AJ Styles.

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