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WWE Rumours: Renee Young looking to wrestle in WWE

Will we see Renee Young in the ring sooner rather than later?

Will we see Renee hitting clotheslines sometime soon?

Four years after arriving in WWE, Renee Young has become an integral part of the WWE machine. The Canadian has quietly become the queen of any and all interview segments, and she is every bit as vital to the Talking Smack program as Daniel Bryan and the talent being interviewed are.

We are yet to see Young in action between the ropes, however, save for a vicious slap to the face of current Intercontinental Champion, The Miz.

Could wrestling be in Young’s future? She approached the subject recently in an interview with Booker T on episode 89 of Heated Conversations and refused to rule out the possibility.

Whilst she didn’t go as far as guaranteeing a match or two, she said that you have to be ready for anything when working for World Wrestling Entertainment. Young said:

“How do I know Vince isn’t going to call me and go ‘hey, PS, you’re going to be in the eight-woman tag match, you’d better know how to throw a dropkick.”

Young continued by stating that she doesn’t have any training but that wasn’t such a worry, saying that:

“It’s more so being open to the idea of doing something like that just in case.” 

It is unlikely that Young would be allowed into the ring without going through rigorous training, however.

The WWE Performance Center gives talent access to the greatest wrestling training facilities on the planet, so if Young is looking to learn the ropes when it comes to the intricacies of professional wrestling, she is in the right place to do so. 

Young’s real-life boyfriend Dean Ambrose seems to be moving into a feud with the Intercontinental Champion, and with Miz being accompanied by his wife Maryse, the rumours of a mixed-gender tag team match are sure to start sooner rather than later.

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Ambrose and The Miz are rumoured to be going one-on-one at the Royal Rumble, so one shouldn’t be surprised to see Renee Young involved in the match somehow. This could all very well be hearsay, but rarely in WWE are subjects breached for no reason whatsoever. 

Would you like to see Renee Young compete inside a WWE ring? Do you think a feud between Ambrose/Young and Miz/Maryse would make for great wrestling TV, maybe all the way through until WrestleMania 33?

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