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WWE Rumours: Tye Dillinger's Royal Rumble appearance was not his main roster call up

Looks like we'll have to wait some more time before the 'Perfect Ten' makes a full-time shift to the main roster

Tye Dillinger
Fans jumped on their seats when his music played during Royal Rumble

What's the story?

WWE fans rejoiced when the 'Perfect Ten' Tye Dillinger made his main roster debut during the Royal Rumble match this past Sunday.

However, if the reports from Cagesideseats are to be believed, Dillinger's presence in the Battle Royal was a one-off deal and it does not represent a main roster call up for the NXT Superstar.

In case you didn't know... 

Tye Dillinger has previously worked for WWE from 2006 to 2009, wrestling under the ring name Gavin Spears. He re-signed with the company's development territory NXT back in September 2013 and has been wrestling under a new the ring name Tye Dillinger ever since.

Dillinger made his main roster debut this past Sunday during the Royal Rumble match. He entered the match at number ten, with 10 being a nod to his recently established 'Perfect 10' gimmick in NXT which he introduced back in mid-2015. 

You can watch Tye’s Royal Rumble entrance below:

The heart of the matter

When Dillinger made an appearance at the Royal Rumble, many expected him to show up at either Raw or SmackDown the following week. The fans were, however, left disappointed when it did not happen.

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According to the rumour roundup from the site, there were no plans for the NXT Star to stay on the main roster at all and he was just brought in as a surprise entrant to appease the fans.

What's next?

It's not the first time WWE has held off the call up of an NXT Star after making them an appearance on the main roster. Sami Zayn and Bayley are two of the stars who had made appearances on WWE TV months before actually being called up.

Given the fact that Dillinger has found success with his 'Perfect Ten' gimmick in NXT and he is one of the most popular babyfaces in the development territory of the company, it looks like only a matter of time before he eventually debuts on one of the main rosters.

Sportseeda's take

In a Rumble filled with many disappointing spots, Dillinger's entrance at 10th came as a relief for the fans and it gave them something to cheer for. Now, fans are eagerly waiting for the 'Perfect 10' to make a full-time shift to the main roster.

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