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WWE Rumours: Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne and Trent Seven to appear at the Royal Rumble

Are Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne and Trent Seven set to appear in the Royal Rumble?

Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven set to make an appearance in the WWE Royal Rumble?

What’s the story?

WWE has stepped in to take Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven off indy wrestling dates in the UK this weekend, apparently to fulfil “WWE commitments”. Could that mean they will take part in the Royal Rumble instead of matches already booked?

In case you didn’t know...

All three men were part of the WWE United Kingdom tournament earlier this month. Tyler Bate was the eventual winner, and in the process became the inaugural WWE UK Champion, after beating Pete Dunne in the final.

Trent Seven was knocked out in the quarter-finals of the tournament, losing to Wolfgang.

All of the men who took part in the tournament signed deals that would see them be unable to work for other companies when WWE needed them, at the very least. Since the tournament, many of them have been pulled off shows, with these three men now unable to work for the German promotion WXW in London this weekend. 

The heart of the matter

The fact that WWE have asked Dunne, Bate and Seven to drop the pre-planned dates so that they can work for WWE instead, points to the fact they have big plans for all three men.

With the WWE commitments falling at the same time as the Royal Rumble obviously points towards the fact that they could very well make surprise appearances in the Rumble match itself.

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Fans may be disappointed that they won’t see these three men appear on shows they may have been set to attend, but you cannot blame them for wanting to take the bigger opportunity that WWE has offered them.

What’s next?

With the Royal Rumble only days away, we won't have long to wait to see what these WWE commitments actually are. The fact that these three men are all big parts of the British indy wrestling scene is the whole reason why they have caught the attention of WWE.

If they do show up in the Royal Rumble now, it may not be the big surprise that WWE had hoped for, but it will still be good to see these men in a ring on the WWE main roster.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Nobody in the world will hold this against any of the men involved. When they signed the WWE contracts that were associated with the UK Championship Tournament, everyone knew it would more than likely lead to sacrifices on the home front for them all.

These sacrifices are now leading to the biggest opportunities that these men may ever be afforded, as massive fans of indy wrestling in the UK, it will be great for us to see them all potentially make their mark on the WWE main roster.

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