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WWE Rumours: Why Cesaro wasn't traded to SmackDown Live, huge plans for him in 2017

Those hoping for a big push for Cesaro could be in luck.

What does 2017 hold for the Swiss Superman?

Ever since the WWE draft happened back in July of this year, fans have frequently lamented about the lack of focus given to one of the top in-ring performers in the company, the Swiss Superman Cesaro.

In the build up to the draft, Cesaro stated that he wished to move to SmackDown Live as he felt it was the ‘wrestling’ show, and as a result, some saw his drafting to RAW as punishment for being outspoken ahead of time. 

Cesaro continued to lobby for a move to SmackDown Live in the wake of the draft, going as far as to take part in a Twitter exchange with SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan regarding the Swiss Superman’s contract on RAW.

The trade never happened, however, much to the chagrin of Cesaro fans.

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A report from WrestleTalk.tv earlier this month suggests that Cesaro’s continued time on RAW has nothing to do with punishment, however, and is actually the beginning of a long-term reward for Cesaro’s performances and consistency.

Cesaro and Sheamus won the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships this past Sunday at WWE Roadblock: End of the Line from the record-breaking tag team New Day, after coming close to it several times previously.

Here’s a clip from their match at Roadblock:

Inquisitr.com is suggesting that the tag titles could be a launching pad for both men going into 2017, and the eventual demise of the team will see both solidified as top tier singles stars.

Whilst this is all conjecture, for the time being, there aren’t many fans who will deny that Cesaro deserves a true spotlight in the future. Cesaro and Sheamus have proven time and time again to have great chemistry, and WWE officials believe that this chemistry brings the best out of the Celtic Warrior as well.

Whether or when Cesaro’s push comes to fruition remains to be seen, but after winning the tag championships it is clear that Cesaro won’t be moving to Daniel Bryan and SmackDown Live anytime soon. Expect big things from him in 2017.

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