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Opinion: Rusev should win the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules

3.19K   //    21 Jun 2018, 11:33 IST

Rusev got a long overdue WWE title shot

Tuesday night on Smackdown Live, Rusev was the surprise winner of a gauntlet match and as a result, will now challenge AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules. The Bulgarian Brute should win the gold, and here's why:

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Ever since the "Rusev Day" angle began late last year, Rusev has arguably been of the most popular superstars on the main roster, even more than Styles. In nearly every arena WWE goes to, you can hear "Rusev" and "Rusev Day" chants, loud and clear. He is also very likeable and even if he is portrayed as a heel on television, it doesn't stop fans from cheering him. 

Not only is Rusev over, but he has been booked fairly strong lately. In recent weeks, he has had wins over Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan. Dating back to last year, Rusev has been in some big feuds as well, including John Cena and Randy Orton last summer. He has also been floating around the United States title picture as well, including being involved in the title match at WrestleMania 34.

Weeks later, Rusev faced the Undertaker in a Casket Match at the Greatest Royal Rumble. If WWE didn't think highly of Rusev or intend on pushing him, they wouldn't waste one of the Undertaker's rare matches on him. One thing that is for sure is that he's been booked stronger than Jinder Mahal's was before he won the WWE title last year. 

As for Styles, while his title reign hasn't been horrible by any means, he also isn't setting the world on fire at the moment. He has held the title for eight months, and by the time Extreme Rules comes, it will be close to nine, which is a long reign by today's standards.

There really isn't much for Styles left to do with the belt at this point. Most fans want the dream matches with Samoa Joe and Daniel Bryan, but Joe really has no direction at this point in time, and Bryan seems to be heading towards a feud with the Bludgeon Brothers (for some reason), and then most likely The Miz. 

So, who else can Styles face at this point? Some fans might say "Rusev isn't a big enough star to be champion at SummerSlam", but Jinder Mahal was champion at SummerSlam last year, and fans like Rusev way more than Mahal, so I doubt many fans would complain if Styles drops the belt to Rusev.  

The only reason I could see that Styles would keep the title at this point in time is that he is the new cover star for WWE 2K19, and WWE may want to keep the title on him to promote the game, but that can still happen, even if Styles isn't champion.

A Rusev title reign, even if it is a short one, would be a breath of fresh air into the WWE title scene, which has grown stale as of late. He has everything you can ask for in a champion he has the look, the charisma, the promo skills, and can play a face or heel character so what's there to lose by putting the belt on Rusev at Extreme Rules? The fans want to see it as well and considering who Rusev will be facing, that's saying a lot. Make it happen WWE!

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