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Samoa Joe vs CM Punk happening? WWE Star speaks out, Reigns battles Wyatt in dark match

Ratish Menon
4.40K   //    26 Feb 2015, 16:26 IST
Samoa Joe & CM Punk interaction on Twitter

- Titus O’Neil wrote the following on his Instagram this morning:

“We live in a world that is full of people,Companies and Brands that try 2Avoid or Suppress social&ethical situations of needed change for the Benefit of others Perception of them, but do little 2Deviate from the Practices that they exercise themselves, that many either Live through or observe from the outside the FACTS that completely go against what one is trying to convince others 2Perceive of them. Race,Gender Equality,Sexual Orientation,Religion and Cultural backgrounds are All Realistic Issues that unfortunately some People,Brands&Companies only find time to address when they are Faced with Factual Truths that relate to them that may go against the “Perception” that one is trying to portray as “Reality”. Many celebrities, Politicians Brand Executives and organizations have recently been more Vocal in regards to making the “Playing Fields” more level in Corporate America, Hollywood&Sports and That’s A Good thing, But until the decision makers in these Playing Fields come 2the True&Factual Conclusion that these are valid people,Making Valid Arguments and Fighting Valid Battles that pertain to them individually or collectively as a demographic and Wholeheartedly make a Concerted Effort to Not Only Hear those issues, but ACTIVELY SEEK to Address&Better these issues Nothing changes&That includes The “Perception” realistic or perceived. Don’t Just #UseYourVoice To promote positive change try #UseYourResources or #UseYourPlatforms or #DropYourIgnorantEgos and Do what’s Right, Because it’s RIGHT!!! That’s a Non-Discriminatory way of Dealing with these issues and ANY RACE,Gender,Sexual Orientation can Exercise This Practice. #DoWork #AllLivesMatter Humanity is the Cause and Dignity&Integrity are The ultimate elements of Helping this Cause!! #TheTruthShallSetYouFree of Unfair criticisms,Concerns and perceived Attitudes When you choose to DEAL IN TRUTH!!”

- After last night’s taping of WWE SmackDown in Atlanta, the dark match featured Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt, where Reigns picked up the win.

- Long time friends Samo Joe & CM Punk had an exchange on Twitter last night, fuelling speculation that the two may wrestle each other sometime down the line. The exchange is below :

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