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Samu provides health update since liver transplant, comments on watching son Lance Anoa'i on WWE RAW and more (Exclusive)

Far left: Samu, Middle: AFA, Far Right: Fatu aka Rikishi
Far left: Samu, Middle: AFA, Far Right: Fatu aka Rikishi
Lee Walker
Modified 23 Sep 2020, 00:47 IST

Samu is part of the legendary Anoai Family and the son of WWE Hall of Famer Afa Anoai, one half of The Wild Samoans. During his storied career, Samu worked for WWF, WCW, and ECW. 

Samu's career took off at the beginning of the 1980s when his uncle Sika was out with an injury. Samu came in to team up with his father Afa as a part of The Wild Samoans and helped defend the WWF Tag Team Championships.

In part one of our interview, Samu discussed how old he was when he started training, teaming with his father in WWF, and being just 21 when he faced Bob Backlund for the WWF Championship. You can read Part I of the interview with Samu here.

In part II, Samu talked about teaming with Hulk Hogan in NJPW, working in WCW and ECW, becoming WWF Tag Team champions, and having Captain Lou Albano as a manager, who also managed The Wild Samoans. Samu also talked about why they lost the titles at a house show to Shawn Micheals and Diesel. You can read part two here.

In the final part of our interview, Samu talks about WWE sending talent to his fundraiser by WXW C4. Samu gives an update on his health since being diagnosed with stage four liver cancer in 2018 and having a liver transplant in 2019, seeing his son Lance Anoai on WWE Raw, and inducting The Wild Samoans into the WWE Hall of Fame.

SK: Samu, Last summer, the family promotion, WXW C4, held a fundraiser having stage four liver cancer. WWE supported the event, brought talent in like Samoa Joe and P.S Michael Hayes. You had friends there like Tommy Dreamer and Gene Snitsky at the event as well. What did it mean for you for WWE to do that?

Samu: Everyone that came wanted to come. We didn't have to ask anyone to come, but blessed WWE, let them come. That's the thing that really touched me, not only letting them come, but those guys wanting to come on their own.


So many people showed up that day. They didn't have much time in their schedule, but even though it was only a couple of hours, it really meant a lot to me. It was very emotional, but hey, I'm here today. I got that liver. I can't thank them enough.

SK: How is your health now?

Samu: Good, good. I'm getting fat now because of this COVID. I'm stuck in the house, but I try to keep busy doing stuff in the yard and breaking stuff around the house (laughs). I'm doing a lot better. It'll be a year come September.

SK: What was it like being able to see your son Lance on WWE Raw?

Samu: I was very, very proud. First, because he wanted to be like me, be like his father. Go out there with his style, his flavor, and still doing the same thing representing the family and where we come from.

There's no prouder moment than I got to tag with him on numerous occasions. I feel complete. I feel I went full circle in this business. 

I'm really proud of him and his accomplishments. I look forward to him fulfilling his dreams if he still wants to do that.

SK: In 2007, you got to induct your father and uncle, The Wild Samoans, into the WWE Hall of Fame. What was that day like for you and the Anoa'i family?


Samu: Oh, it was awesome! For me and Matt (Rosey) were both the oldest sons. Matt, the oldest of Sika, and I'm the oldest on my dad's (Afa) side. Just to be able to induct our parents into the Hall of Fame, what can you say?

It was an honor to be able to do it. It was not so easy to be the one because a lot of people wanted to induct them because they have so many good things to say. We were just hoping we would represent and make our parents get what they deserve that day. They gave a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. We wanted them to have the best of everything that day. For them and for our people, that was a great celebration. 

SK: Do you ever think there could be a separate wing to the WWE Hall of Fame where they induct whole families like the Anoa'i's, the Flairs, the Von Erichs, the Ortons, etc.?

Samu: I never thought about it like that, but that would be awesome. We have all dedicated our lives to the business. It is a lifetime thing.

Published 23 Sep 2020, 00:47 IST
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