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Seven Sins of Goldberg

From a backstage fight with Jericho, to ending Bret Hart's career, to lying about his 173-0 streak, here are Goldberg's seven sins!

Goldberg’s career has been legendary, but sinful

Almost two decades since his debut, Goldberg is still the biggest babyface in sports entertainment today. Even with his limited in-ring skills, he remains an icon to little kids around the world and is a huge ratings draw to this very day.

Despite his illustrious career, his path to the top hasn’t been as stain-free as one may believe. There are blemishes in Goldberg’s past that we will bring to you in this exclusive feature. Sadly, one of the nicest men inside and outside the ring has a rather colourful history.

Presenting the seven sins of the legend himself, Bill Goldberg!

#7 Wrath: Real life fight with Chris Jericho 

Jericho beat up Goldberg in their locker room fight

Chris Jericho, former World Television Champion in WCW, used to constantly call out Goldberg, the World Champion, in an attempt to wrestle a match against him.

However, in WCW there was a distinct line between the Cruiserweights and the Heavyweights, and it was stipulated that Jericho would lose to Goldberg in a squash match in all of 30 seconds. Angered by this, Jericho would quit WCW and move to WWE where he would go on to have a Hall of Fame worthy career.

Soon enough, WCW would fold and Goldberg would head to WWE as well.

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Once in WWE, Jericho would hear rumours of how Goldberg was constantly talking behind his back. We already know that Jericho is never afraid to pick a fight (he got in Brock Lesnar’s face too after Summerslam this year), and he, therefore ended up confronting Goldberg about the same.

In the altercation that ensued, Jericho would grab Goldberg in a headlock and completely embarrass him. According to Jericho, “bullies like Goldberg” had never had anyone retaliate against them, so it took him by surprise. 

Shame on Goldberg!

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