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Shayna Baszler blasts fan after being criticized for curse word promo

Shayna Baszler is as unapologetic and as dangerous as a pro wrestling heel could be
Shayna Baszler is as unapologetic and as dangerous as a pro wrestling heel could be
Johny Payne
Modified 19 Feb 2020

Shayna Baszler has taken to her official social media account and addressed the fact that she’d uttered a swear word on this week’s live broadcast of Monday Night RAW.

A fan noted on Twitter that a warning regarding the potential use of abusive language ought to have been issued before Baszler’s aforementioned promo segment on RAW.

In response to the fan’s assertion; Baszler seemingly stayed true to her on-screen character, and took a jibe at the fan and his family.

It was on last week’s edition of Monday Night RAW that Shayna Baszler ruthlessly attacked reigning WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch; biting Lynch in the neck.

Baszler’s act of biting Lynch set the professional wrestling community abuzz, providing a huge impetus to the feud between the two supremely talented Superstars.

Furthermore, on this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, Lynch came down to the ring and proceeded to call out Baszler, following which, Baszler claimed that she’ll win the Women’s Elimination Chamber Match and then ‘tear the living s*** out of Becky Lynch’.

On that note, a fan explained via Twitter that although he has no problem with Baszler using curse words in her promos; his children were watching the show and if Baszler wasn’t going to adhere to the show’s PG standards in her promo, the fans should’ve been forewarned about the same.

Baszler went on to issue the following non-PG reply to the fan (fans can view the tweet HERE), and read the censored version below –

Or you could be a father and tell them I am a terrible person and they shouldn't like me for that. Or that they will get grounded and their tablets taken away if they ever do that. Because I don't give a c*** about your kids so I won't modify my behavior for them.

Published 19 Feb 2020, 23:45 IST
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