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Should The Undertaker get a final championship run?

Ratish Menon
4.80K   //    13 Jul 2013, 01:59 IST

"WrestleMania 25" - Inside

Spine-chilling, intimidating, goosebumps-inducing, mythical, legendary…. Just some of the many adjectives used to describe the longest tenured wrestler in the WWE, the incomparable The Undertaker.

He has been the cornerstone of the company for over two decades, and nobody in the history of the company is more respected and admired for their work as the Dead man. Among other accomplishments, he is a multi time world champion and has a perfect record of 21-0 at the grand daddy of them all – Wrestlemania.

But what stands out the most in the case of the dead man is that no one has done more and given as much to the WWE as him. He has been a pivotal character since the early 90s when the company was moving away from the cartoonish era to the more believable wrestling mode – to the product we watch now and critique. Along the way, he has put over guys and made them the Austins, Rocks, Lesnars, Batistas, Edges and countless others, some who were able to capitalise on the credibility that comes along with beating the big dog and the others who couldn’t.

While he isn’t a staple on the WWE scene anymore, during his last outing at WM, he looked as good as ever and turned in another jaw-dropping performance that made me wonder what I have been thinking for quite a few years now – Is, by any chance, the Deadman really impervious to the ageing process? Of course, the lines are visible and the hair is gone and the limp and hobble is there to be seen during a match, but then maybe, it’s a part of the act.  The Deadman – always a mystery!

But with the resurgence of the Rock in the past couple of years, the question begs – If the Rock can do it, can’t Taker do it too? The only fitting way to end the streak would be to not end it, but to crown it with a WWE title. That would mean another title reign for the conscience of the WWE’ who is today, at best, a part- time wrestler on the roster. But as The Rock proved with his title run, if the WWE Universe doesn’t mind it and sticks with their guy, how does it matter if he is a part-timer or a full-timer or even an inactive one!

Putting the title on Taker would mean enhanced credo for the title as he is a top-level performer and a huge star. His drawing power is second to none and when back on a normal schedule, he will be back to being the most ‘over’ guy in the company. He still has a few quality matches left in him and with the title being on the line, ‘The Phenom’ is sure to pull out all the stops. A great scenario would be him holding the title till the Royal Rumble and losing it because of an impending feud, that could culminate in his final match at Wrestlemania.

Possible guys he could feud with for the title could be many, but I would love to see Dolph Ziggler get an opportunity to shine on the grandest stage of them all, going against the streak. His bumping ability and pace would be ideal for Taker to counter his advancing age and decreased mobility while putting on the last ride in his journey in the WWE. Or maybe Brock Lesnar! Theirs is a feud that would get a lot more media interested given their chequered history and love for shoot-fighting.

In any case, a final title run for Taker would be a great proposition for the WWE and, more importantly, for all the fans who still get the chills on the sounding of the gong and when the lights go out.

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